May 5-8 First of all, Amsterdam has so much more to offer than MaryJane. Almost every time I told someone I was going to Amsterdam, they immediately assumed I was going for the typical “college student in Amsterdam experience”, if you know what I mean. Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous. The buildings, the people, the atmosphere. […]

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A tourist one, of course! April 16-April 24 (Rome, Vatican City, Salerno, Positano, Arezzo, Florence, Siena, Rome) I met Michelley, Memaw, and Angela in Rome. We drank wine, ate pizza, flirted with beautiful Italian stallions, and ate more gelato than I care to admit. Although I am sure I drove the three of them crazy, […]

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I became a sailor

The title says it all. From the first term I started a class to get my official sailing license and myself and my five crewmates all completed the course with flying colors. A special thanks goes out to our Captain George who never let us have it easy when it came to always knowing the […]

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Mt. Olympus

March 25 and 26 We had watched it from across the sea for months and finally got the opportunity to explore it. During day one a large group of us hiked (part of) Mount Olympus. It was a more interesting hike to add to my book because Mount Olympus has so many different sceneries to […]

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Relaxed Roadtrip: Makrinitsa

March 18 and 19 A beautiful little town on the side of mount Pelion near the port city of Volos is where I witnessed, I think, my favorite sunset of all time. Nabil and I rented a little car and drove just a couple hours southwest of Thessaloniki to explore a place we had never […]

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Last night was a happy and sad moment for myself and my newest group of friends. As most of us sat around the table at a nice little restaurant near the boardwalk and White Tower of our home, I was feeling so many things at once. The first strange feeling I noticed was a sense […]

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Athens in 20 hours

We were in Athens for just under 20 hours. It was so wonderful to see in real life all the rich history, specifically art and architecture I have been learning about in class. I know now that had I gone to the Parthenon before what I had learned in class, I would have had a […]

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