Mt. Olympus

March 25 and 26

We had watched it from across the sea for months and finally got the opportunity to explore it. During day one a large group of us hiked (part of) Mount Olympus. It was a more interesting hike to add to my book because Mount Olympus has so many different sceneries to offer (grassy fields, rocky hills, steep mountainside, gushing waterfalls). I recommend to anyone presented with the opportunity to spend some time at this mystical wonderland.

The next morning, twelve of us rode to a different side of the mountain to squeeze into impossible, full body, neoprene wetsuits. Technically what we were doing was “canyoning” but I feel that title is just too boring for what we were doing. We slid down natural waterslides, jumped off waterfalls, and belayed down some waterfalls as well. To get a better idea of the awesomeness that took place, check out Baseline Sports’ website. I apologize for the lack of pictures. This adventure was recorded by the GoPro’s of others and I didn’t get those photos in time.

Thanks to for the photo!

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