May 5-8

First of all, Amsterdam has so much more to offer than MaryJane. Almost every time I told someone I was going to Amsterdam, they immediately assumed I was going for the typical “college student in Amsterdam experience”, if you know what I mean.

Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous. The buildings, the people, the atmosphere. All of it. On top of all that beauty, I was lucky enough to meet a friend from school, Shelby, there and make a new friend who she brought with her. We were in awe at the tulips in Keukenof, the masses of bikes across the city, the Heineken on every corner, and of course the stroll through the Red Light District.

When Shelby and Hunter took off back to Dublin on Saturday, I found out that somehow I was in Amsterdam the same weekend as one of my favorite couples on this entire planet. Mark and Debbie Ophoven. We enjoyed a couple beers and some fish and chips, caught up just a little bit, and took a stroll through the city. (Thank you SO much Ophoven’s for buying me dinner!)

On my last day in the beautiful city I visited the Van Gogh museum to appreciate what I was just learning about in my art class, rode a bike through the city, made some great finds at a thrift shop and took a boat tour. From this, I learned traveling alone is nice because you can follow your own agenda, but I wouldn’t always choose this route.


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