Relaxed Roadtrip: Makrinitsa

March 18 and 19

A beautiful little town on the side of mount Pelion near the port city of Volos is where I witnessed, I think, my favorite sunset of all time. Nabil and I rented a little car and drove just a couple hours southwest of Thessaloniki to explore a place we had never been and I had never even heard of.

The drive up the mountain to Makrinitsa is not one for a timid driver. The roads are the curviest and at such an incline that I wasn’t sure our little car would survive. Once we finally found where we were staying, I was pleasantly surprised. We stayed in a cute guest house that belonged to an old Greek man who reminded me a bit of Sam Elliot (look him up and you’ll understand).

After we got settled I took a solo excursion to go and explore the area. Down a barely visible walking path I passed the home of a woman who had invited me to come back after my exploration and she would show me the area. Being the skeptic that I am, the little voice in the back of my head was pleading me to consider my gut’s opinion but after some exploring, I found myself back at that cute little home on the mountainside.

Anastasia is a professor and my sit with her marks one of my most cherished moments here in Greece. After she offered me a sweet, some wine, and small talk about what I was doing here in Greece, she gave me suggestions on what to do the next day in the area as well as invite me to join her in some berry picking with some colleagues of hers. We discussed the education system in the states versus other countries and then said our goodbyes. Anastasia, her wisdom, her kindness, and her eclectically decorated home are what I strive to be something like in my future.



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