Santorini~ Never Forgotten

March 3-6 We explored, rode donkey’s, swam in cold hot springs, hiked up a volcano, and ate well. A beautiful weekend that will have to be for just me to savor…. are ya jealous?   I did walk away with many bruises, scratches, and a SWEET sunburn Advertisements

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Budapest was the BudaBEST!

I’m a little behind…..I know! But it’s been a QUICK couple of weekends, my friends. The weekend of February 24-27 the girls and I ventured to Hungary for BIG change in scenery. Budapest is one of the biggest changes in scenery from Thessaloniki. The buildings are all very grand and detailed, rooms large, and so […]

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Ioannina and Kalabaka

This past weekend I traveled on a road trip with the American College of Thessaloniki to Ioannina and Kalabaka. Both cities are on the western side of the mainland of Greece and both were stunning. Dafni, who is also my Ancient Greek Art and Architecture teacher, led our group and gave us just the right […]

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Breathtaking Bansko

This past weekend the girls (+Spilios) and I traveled north, to the ski town of Bansko, Bulgaria. And then I fell in love. The mountains are the most humbling and magnificent sight I have ever seen. The city of Bansko sits at the bottom of the Pirin Mountains in southwestern Bulgaria and is exactly like […]

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Quick Thoughts (Vol. 1)

I really miss my mom’s excessive positivity and beautiful smile, my dad’s bear hugs, and how annoyingly loving my little brother is. Sometimes I wish there was a way to send hugs through the mail. Speaking of mail….I finally put my address here on the website… Greeks speak closely to each other, for long periods […]

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First Catch-up

When they say “time flies when you’re having fun”, they really mean it! In the last 20 or so days a lot of things have happened, I am sad that I haven’t made the time I was hoping for to devote to writing down and sharing my thoughts, so maybe this will be a wake […]

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The first Costas

Yesterday was, in one word, inspiring. We met our tour guide Costas Sfikas at a coffee shop where I had my first ever cup of Greek Coffee (which is technically Turkish coffee) and taste of Turkish Delight! Costas explained to us the long history of coffee and how it started off with the discovery of […]

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